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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Poetic Dilemma

Poetic Dilemma

Sounds of paper movement and running of ceiling fan,
Roaring of plying vehicles, and whistles of road van.

Holding pen, diary on desk but with void brain
Trying to find some ways for motion of self-train.
Deficiency of words, and lacuna of ideas,
Hindering to move ahead, though desiring for media.

Finding it difficult to open closed doors of enlightenment
Apparently satisfied, but inside only disenchantment.
Enough age has already passed, but not done much significant
Just look busy day & night, but not found fine  track.

This is morning time but mind is still not fresh,
Motion is very slow, body & mind need refresh.
Needing all contrivances to make life great
Heaps of knowledge outside, but not much help.

So far have not come out of self-boastfulness,
Always remained untangled in own lowliness.
Not realized much life’s greatness and fathoms
Neither living nor maturing, not attained rhythms.

Trying to feel self-numbness, pain & sensations,
May perhaps lead to first step of transcendental meditations.
Out of self-dilemmas, some people definitely have come,
and are able to show to others noble ways some.

Working is good but self-knowledge is also essential
Answers are there but need questions quintessential.  
Self-exploration & discovery will bring some understanding
Realization of self-grandness will step that landing.

Eyes not opening much, but pen is thrashing
Though not very strong, but urge is for brightening.
Strength the inner circle for energy nucleus creation,
That will develop life worth some mention.

Aloofness of self and heaviness of brain,
Create all hindrances in way of train.
Clarity is required and there are ways for them
Birds' chirping are there and company of men.

Raise heights consistently in direction of progress,
Do away all  blockages and lowliness of clash.
Use right words in appropriate places
Constancy of thoughts' train for best in pages.

Poetry is easy, provided mind is supporting
Goddess of learning Saraswati may help in lifting.
That craft will come with her blessings' ray
Pen will automatically flow and creativity will play.

Courage to lift pen and contriving to add words,
Not stopping at early failures, and paucity of words.
Move on till some perfection finds way
Then failures will be few, and success will stay.

No problem to find definite theme of writing
Much wavering remains in product, so have good citing.
Who will listen to sermons, if you are not suave?
Be firm in mind's purpose and not just love.

Try –try-try and find ways to do good
Don’t stop in the way till you reach the wood. 

Pawan Kumar,
19th March, 2015 Time 22:25 Night
(From My Dairy 13th April, 2013 Time 8:50 AM)

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