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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Challenges To Self

Challenges To Self

I want to dream dreams of some progress
Present time just seems relaxed & a bit stagnant.

Providence has desired me to be ready for coming challenges
But alas I am not doing much to further existing stuff.
Technically so much knowledge is spread my nearby
But not much done with that to improvise concepts.

There is always a change in the great scheme of things
But adaptation is the only one way for survival.
I cannot closet self in den and expect great modifications too
Certainly need to be bold and come out of comfort zone.

Meet people who can help on time & as per requirements
And explain needs to help, they can render.
Design life and not loose what can become a reality
But move out, establish relations, bring smiles and be humble.

Be some contributor and not just the spectator of events
Enjoyment is there in others’ acts, but real mirth is own struggles.
Express self, leave fears and believe that you can do
But also do not disturb others without any good cause.

There are many good souls and are in a position to help
As self not good in many fields, so complementary is requirement.
So do not hesitate to accept own limitations & limited sphere
But with the giants’ help, broaden self’s horizon.

So find the ones needed in the present moments,
And design future clearly seeing into the things.
Some changes are imminent in the coming time
So be prepared for taking all those challenges.

In great designs of events, always expect some changes
There are always factors which all cannot be brooded now.
They will erupt sudden without any anticipation
And will give some turns or tend to delay designs.

But these are temporary only & will just pass own way
Then there will be regularity of those normal chores.
So you can design well in present good civilizations
But always be ready to meet out the contingencies.

Truly in the world around, there are great turbulence & havocs
Million lives are affected daily without their personal faults.
Challenges to authorities & dare devils don't accept status quo
And contrive their designs even to try the mightiest.

Man is never satisfied with present and tries to revolt
Pacifism is there in riches, knights or philosophers.
Or in the common public not finding self strengthened
But some elements then always are ill or good designing.

Whether right or wrong, main issue is unanticipated change
But even mighty begin fleeing after some resistance.
Sometimes they are able to crush those revolts
But it is not always easy to be successful.

Truly there are several great volcanoes & also little turbulence
And the petty changes will certainly come in the ways.
Be ready to come crowned in ordinary courses of world
And establish strongly that you can handle & handle.

You can keep your existence in all such changes
Provided you equip self with competencies & talents.
World at last remembers the really able persons
And gives its due respect to the pure souls.

Many characters, faces, styles and of varied natures
See their dispositions and how they take their lives?
People judge them in own ways, seeing their sincerity
And many a times, their judgment is correct also.

May be you don’t conform to established rules & expectations
Challenge them with intellect and question their relevance.
May be that not soothing to everyone in position
And they keep their interests high in mind & lives.

So greed is there of the assets and positions we occupy
And even a small threat seems to dwindle our positions.
So we become scary and try curbing those revulsions
And do not easily loose positions gained over the time.

But time is a great wheel and everything is churned into
We are also minuscule in great designs of providence.
He has his own design in greater scheme of things
And the ordinary ones remain mute spectators.

Truly the stronger ones lead the causes to happen
And hold powers to influence fates of many.
May be that we realize or not
But are constantly influenced by those mighty winds.

Whether politics, commerce, administration or knowledge to disseminate
We generally work imminently what comes to the fore.
We may be unsatisfied a little, and curse our own fates
But must realize them as forces working from behind.

Storms come and go and many times devastate completely
And tend to wipe out of civilizations, great epithet of knowledge gathered.
This is perhaps the Shiva’s Tandav and the black hole we call
Everything is taken into great vacuum & lost for permanently.

Our known history has seen big changes that changed the courses
They completely changed lives of many, may be for good or bad.
Concepts are daily changing, many a times just repetitions of past
And a great cycle always turns, showing different columns to world.

Man’s turmoil & tribulations are far less than nature’s big design
And many times man is just spectator not equipped to cope.
May be he is trying to understand each & every cause
But forces are great, which definitely world to face.

Our internal world is a small model of that greater one
We are also affected in same way as is a big brother.
Internally we are alike working in a pattern
But some of us are more equipped & trying to excel.

Man has progressed a lot though trials & undefeated spirit
He has taken on nature and tried to control its forces.
It is not that forces have become weakened
But preparations have adjusted him to face those forces.

His forewarning, reaction time & anticipation of forces to come
Contriving in his things, making nest so as to sit safely.
Safety equipments are daring those evil forces
And all daily preparations are for sustenance only.

Designs should be safe, sturdy, handy, understandable & easy
Then there are efforts required to mould into action.
And are manufacturing enterprises to take that part
And some sellers to profit after advertising to public.

Basic thing is to avail all those stuffs of requirements
And it should be in people’s affordability & knowledge.
Truly everyone is not able to take those great challenges
But there are ones who do & help world in a great way.

It is the indomitable spirit which strengths the muscles
And always be in motion, may any difficulty be there.
We are not to stop, may be fall of stumbling
Falling is not important as long as have willed to rise.

We will fall again & again and then rise & rise also
This is the only way we learn walking of our own.
Yes in beginning some support is required
But as we gain expertise, start taking care of selves.

Life is a learning process & there're ways to be skilled
But solutions don’t come, you have to approach them.
Aspire greater things and join the mighty ones
Be in club of excellent and company will benefit.

So dream high & be not satisfied with apparent mortality
Leave all the pity over self and other ones.
Life is to rise every day after night’s sleep
And look to the mighty Sun helping great in its way.

Always be motivated & motivate others for positive results
Win & let win in the most professional way you can.
Knowledge of one’s arena is need in present world of skills
So prepare self for all great things likely to come soon.

Pawan Kumar,
15th June, 2014 Time 1:33 Midnight
(From My dairy dated 11th October’2013 Time 9:05 AM)

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Looking Within

Looking Within

Early morning’s seer has sat to do something
But is perplexed what to brood and how to proceed.

He wants to write but good subject is not striking,
Goes to some events, and is unable to decide.
Fears that will be unable to construct the required,
And gets satisfied with the available small.

Though noble minded but novice, experimented not much
Just remains silent and amazed by others’ great works.
Has not agitated self much and is little inspired to try,  
So has remained unrevealed and half-opened.

When life is so precious, able to bring out the best
Why this immortal soul is unable to realize self?
Enough paper is available with pen to support,
Only the best should come out to speak of its own.

Exploration of self and its analysis properly
Smiling at self and purifying its every bit.
Making secret of atomic energy quite known to self 
And facilitating every bit to contribute the best.

All internalizations and workings of the mind,
will prepare seer for the great tasks to soon take.
Much more is expected beyond mediocre present,  
Which is just waiting when you will proceed.  

Seer observes mainly the self,
And inner world is his study book.
Doing research with near available material,
And same is out of sight for most mortals.

Seer is aloof so far except some tidings at intervals,  
And just in wait for correct time & mind’s suitability.
Raking so far is only little of vast uncultivated fields,
There is lot to do and the best cultivation is possible.

Nature is abundant so much around
but mind is petty & so its ill working.
Does not recognize worth and roams into insignificant,
and does not expand to the glories of cosmos.

Seer wanders, perplexed like Upanishad’s pupil
No teacher is in sight, and claimants seem tricksters.
Good reads are only solace than the physical teachers,  
And they compensate a little for self’s revelation.

Quite novice, unprepared, unquestioning and unaware
Looking ignorant to happenings all-around.
Not a keen observer even in good riches,
And is poor in spite of treasure everywhere.

Seer is bit aware of his inner turbulences
But does not know exactly & why happening.
No cure seems possible as surrounded are alike only
But still has deep desire to know what it is & why.

Seer often aspires to broaden the self
But fears of likely toil & time required.
This is his ill knowledge as everything is present
All resources are around, only industry is required.

He ponders at times of his present gloomy condition,
And clearly finds reasons hindering growth possible.
Lethargy, late waking, mental dullness and less enthusiasm
So are uncurious mind, procrastination and other evils many.  

He aspires to remove enemies & pursue noble virtues,
And goads self towards inner heaven’s gate.
That kingly empire is waiting impatiently
But worthy only will grace the throne.

Seer fears for not brooding such so far
That riches are possible, but what to do for them.
Can such arrangements be parts of his life,
And whether will he realize them?

Though seer is he but not much intelligent
Troubled inside but unable to cognize cause.
Thinks a little bit and that too is superficial, 
And not having tools to enable coming out.

What & how to leave to avail space for better
What to uncover to medicate the ills.
What habits to form to live a meaningful life
What paths to follow for adventure & sagacity?

Enhance life’s experiences to know all facets
Cannot afford condition where there is no change.
Light is everywhere but reflection is required,
And surface to strike to warrant self’s revealing.

Many infatuations and few paths & preventives
The former are stronger & not letting the move.
Hold fast not allowing freedom from clutches
And connive full in their evil designs.

But liveliness & prudence all vie to come out,
And have judged all such capriciousness & bondages.
Thinking all ways to attain the liberty,
And persuading self to attain the manhood. 

Stand erect and do not stoop or crouch
Speak out mind before howsoever he is great.
Respecting others means not  to compromise with self
Embrace humility but shun the conceit.

Some clarity is missed perhaps in previous lines 
both are the equally good virtues but need wise use.
Support each other and respect self & also others,
And never let self to stage of negligence & pity.

Continuity of thought and efforts for the goal,  
Checking availability of required resources at hand.
Clarity of thought & appropriateness of action
Use of optimum energy to bring out the best.

Some lore is required to sound as a flute
Stanzas to be fine and should seem right.
Hymning of its own the great notes,
And is amused in self to the morning lore.

Poetic heart and wisdom’s pen
Bring semblance of both sensitivity and facts’ den.
Realistic approach and high order of positive passions
Bring all solace and highest creativity
Educate both body & mind and remove all lethargy.   

Learning of self and mastery on it
Leave all dead stuff and accompany the truth.
Pipe the inner clarinet and sound the best tunes
Have all musical apparatus and play the cool.

Wording is difficult but will find some way
Poetry is simple may be not in perfect rhythm.
Words connections are there for some understanding
And meaning to the separate ones to enliven.

Needing Maa Saraswati’s blessings so as to write
Fill zeal in the mind to move from the status quo.
Always make pen & paper as friend & guide
And let me roam in all directions far wide.

Strifes are there so are the freedoms
Cuffs are there so are the keys to unlock.
Sickness & illnesses are there to grieve a lot
But are the cures also to relieve the patients.

So never be afraid of life’s wavering,
Will only make conversant of all possible revealing.
Will make more apt to face the diverse scenarios
and will not need sympathies of the crudes.

O my mind & guide, take help of the super guide,
and enlighten self for glorious life of understanding.

 Pawan Kumar,
8th June'2014 Time 2 P.M.
( From My Dairy 27.08.2013 Time 7:50 A.M.)

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Of Truth and Inspiration

Of Truth and Inspiration

O Almighty, fill me with the Kabir’s love
For him love and concern for truth was everything.

He did himself away from all prejudices
And also from all envies and avarices.
He was quite bold to speak mind loud
May be that not well appreciated by fools.

He become a light for vast humanity in those dark times,
Became a role model for many with his path less travelled.
He did his best to strengthen the commoners,
And imparted practical approach to life instead of mythological sums.

Life is very simple but is contrived into complexity
So many gods, rituals, worship methods & priests to explicate.
It can be lived straight without need of middlemen,
who just see their interests in all activities of client men.

Admittedly forefathers were sages and quite wise,
and pious in hearts & minds while devising some systems.
But rules were added later which seem quite knowingly
to keep some sections’ hold on vast majority of persons.  

Might be rituals were devised to utilize resources for them
Gifts to the priests and the feast for families.
Theirs is demand always on many occasions
and by their explanations, survival is sure.

But that facility of clientage was not available to all
And a section remained aloof from mainstream.
Neither temples nor scriptures were in its rescue
and it simply remained backward, credulous to be victim.

Ignorance of body & mind, and away from good knowledge
not much benefit to them from advancements going on.
Though there were some exceptions coming at all times
but most remained aloof from light of truth due to forces imposed.

Many superstitious and believing in several gods
Aloof of nature’s knowledge or inventions occurring near them.
Just busy in the affairs not so significant
though felt bad due to rigidities, but bore the brunt all.

The low professions were marked for them
And no escape possible even with no willingness.
Force was ready to act on refusals to tasks foretold
and quite mean to suppress souls due to housing sense of low karma. 

Life was hard to them with no religiosity in the rescue
Though all mainstream religions talk for general masses.
Some of them were trying hard to mortify men’s avenues
and unburden their souls by preaching noble thoughts.

Remotely possible such facilities, though some solace at times,  
And some compassion at occasions from kind hearted or sages.
But definitely this was not sufficient for those masses
they needed some rescuer from among them who talks like them.

So Kabir and Ravidas became symbols coming out of ignorance
Attained the knowledge required and had courage to dare.
Challenging the draconian customs and rigidities of inequalities,
they professed of no difference between the humanities.

Almighty’s compassion is available to all whosoever one may be
So cast away all inequalities and treat all as family beings.
There is no necessity to feel difference of any kind
and filled courage in people and spiritualized in real sense.

They searched God in selves with focus on supreme Truth
And tried to identify all faults, lies, deceits in selves.
It is wasteful to rebuke others for own's weaknesses
This is truer when we are no better than others.

Humbly took selves as low spiritual and required improvements,  
and tended education’s way for all mortifications.
Needing some teacher’s help to do away all the faults
and professing in noble way with correct character of selves.

Kabir judged correctly the mischievous character of charlatans,
and those pretending to show the utmost religious.
Those doing all atrocities and externally speaking noble things
But in fact spreading hatred and mysteries unlimited.

They don’t follow selves what they preached the most
Do such actions many, far from God’s nobles.
By their birth positions, respect came to them
and they claimed decisively as if knew every all.

Kabir suggested them to leave those corrupt ways
And try to become pure in hearts and conducts.
Respect each & every life as if it is yours
And shun the cunning ways otherwise will hurt in the end.

He was quite bold and saw straight in the world’s eyes,
And offended many being challenge to the authorities.
Was quite fierce, able to speak his mind well
and raised hopes in masses to live with some respect. 

This is really great if one can have faith in self,  
and correctly judge the affairs, optimizing when required.
All saint discourses find sayings theirs’ a lot
and dispel the ignorance wrapped to the human beings.

I had started with love, affection, concern for every one
He is mine, I am his with no difference amongst all.
His limitations are mine & mine become of his also
and together try to find solutions benefiting everyone.

Compete to compliment rather than rivalry
Focus on management whether personal or public.
Aim to improve the overall efficiency & effects
And do away the common drudgery and thus wastivity from.

Love means sharing and compassion to raise all,
To educate, train and help stand on their feet.
Merge with everyone as nobody is foreign
Make leadership available to raise levels to all.

Resources are for everyone, may be as per one’s capacity
And democratic rights are available to everybody.
They must have sanction of the authority
Thus they dreamt and later generations furthered it.

They emphasized role of teacher / mentor or guru you say 
But were quite enlightened to perceive in a better way.
They were truly the noble souls  
And took to be no less than kings due to virtues enormous.

When one becomes free from vices of greed, lust and deceits
When person loves the truth and leaves all false notions.
Then his heart will definitely improve encompassing all
And check all adversities happily without crying foul.

World is thankful to them as they became inspirers
And encouraged to be able leaving all weaknesses.
The means fear of the stronger and hurt the weaker ones
So bring changes in conditions and enjoy the fruits sweat.

Pawan Kumar,
(1st June’2014 Time 20:37 Evening)
(From My Dairy dated 24.09.2013 Time 11.15 PM)