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Sunday, 30 March 2014

My First Lessons of Self-Management

My First Lessons of Self-Management

Why is something agitating my mind - without any cause ! Life is not to be wasted in such deliriums- come out of the diffidence. Sun has come to do away all darkness, so see the brightness ahead and enlighten self by removing the inner agonies. Unload your mind from non-required, futile, energy-consuming, tension-some mental constructions to provide freshness to life. Life is more precious than anything else occurring just to influence whole make-up. Keep all the false and untrue negative aspects at bay's length. Life is made of ups and downs but do not feel defeated and have a balance of mind and thought. Always be positive with a new spirit in all circumstances. Have a smile for your life and scatter the fragrance of inner beauty. Beautify your life, thoughts, behavior and output but before that inputs. You will be known by your actions which are certainly the results of your thoughts. So focus upon purity of your thoughts and print them on your mind. Have a good feeling for others, and never think of self only. Others should also find space in your life and feel at ease while corresponding with you. Be they are your subordinates, colleagues or seniors, you should present self in the best way. Never criticize others in front of others. If you find something wrong, you can slightly indicate that. Life is not for irritations or being psycho-panic. Become a man of confidence-winner, develop confidence & respect people, and you will be benefited. Each day is a new beginning and it is never too late to begin. You can soothe things even after they are spoiled but better would be to avert things going wrong in first hand itself and not let them becoming unmanageable or energy-consuming. So timely action is very much required. Whatever you do, do it in the best way. Shape things in a way you want but have a glance of the whole system for understanding. It is you who is to provide direction but open mind to conceive the things in a correct way. World is very beautiful, you are just to open your eyes and not to see the gloomy face only. You can become like Sun who is all life-provider and making the world beautiful. But for that you will have to become a virtuous man, disciplined in your activities, always ahead-moving and shining. Systems you work in will always leave your mark, and you can control the things as you like At many a times, Mr. RL Chopra (my retired boss) used to advise to become the master of things and not just the back-running and complaining. Have a healthy attitude towards life with full concerns for others. Try to stimulate the things and don't stumble. Respect your family members, friends and win their confidence. Enrich yourself with enormous power of inner-being, and look at things with good mood & attitude. Be winner and worth of your life bestowed upon you.
Pawan Kumar
30th March' 2014
(From my Old Dairy 20th Aug'1997 Time 8:30 AM)

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Life Flower

Life Flower 

  Something I wish to sing & whisper, and scent the floral life
   By  such a way I intend to make it more beautiful. 

Life is meant to come and go 
Perhaps to make this path proud. 
Thy name is not to stop, otherwise path will also be stopped 
And then life itself will not be able to move even for a second. 

I wish to create some treasure out of this mortal life 
And take flowers into bosoms by going to gardens.

So why do you tend to stop 
And why to remain into sleep.  
If you pluck the ends of courage  
Never you will not miss the thread of life.  

Having tied with this thread, I wish to fly life's kite 
And then experience the sky's immense heights in my mind. 

Pawan Kumar,
March 25, 2014
(From my Diary 23.04.1998)

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Diving Deep

Diving Deep

What can be the most precious thought that I can brood
How can I interact therein and churn the stuff lying?

There are billions of human minds present in the world 
Everyone has some uniqueness  in his constitution and patterns.
Impacts are unique depending upon the experiences one gets
Also how one interacts with scenarios needing his attention.

It is important how he chooses from the available environment
and how he chooses his priorities and acts upon them?
Is he not merely doodle-doing on one thing or other
Or really doing something to make life meaningful?

Billions of minds and billions of possibilities
As a single mind is capable of thinking much beyond.
There are many nerves and layers lying unturned
and just an activation is required to bring them in working mode.

We, or more particularly I do not know exactly how many possibilities I have
I have not thought much about them also.
Of what conscious material I am composed of
the mysteries are still unrevealed to me.

Life is going fast from hands and still not able to catch it up
What time will you be able to interact with it face to face?
How can I find those ways to make it of my own
and cherish the most enlightened moments it will bring?

That pleasantness and calm posture when I start practicing
and deeply mold myself  being these the befitting ones.
I want to totally be with me in all my moments
and the conscious mind is always supporting my thoughts.

I find numerous persons truly interacting with their selves
That is why few are able to churn their curd & take out the butter.
May be we do not realize the actual working going on in them
and we simply think that they are the only mortal ones.

But when they toil with their minds, the goal is to attain immortality
which is nothing but the realization or connection with the loftiest.
Our consciousness and internal balancing I think is that blissful state
and when everything is obvious and at ease rather than strife.

When the noblest ones speak of their minds
that becomes the way for the world to attain maturity.
That how of mind's working will depend on our diving
and the unquenching desire to attain that enlightened state.

The working of the truly intellectual ones is revealed in their words
Words they speak and words they write.
There is enormous material available in all around
and that is their legacy as present to the humanity.

But the question is not of shortage or scarcity of noble ideas
what about your own mind's hidden untold secrets.
Of which neither you nor others are aware
and why others will be interested if you yourself are not serious.

You can be a genius of your own provided you pay attention to self
Reveal yourself before you and reason your actions.
And then judge what actually is going on inside you
and whether that is really worth acting upon.

Though the whole universe is spread before me and theoretically I can take all
but I have my own limitations & fears not letting much ahead.
So we are able to grasp very little and that too of not much worth
and then clamor that we did not get much from here.

So the idea here is to enhance our competencies
that will increase our grasping power of more facets.
We can then build the assets of enormous value
and perhaps find some solace in accomplishments.

Great persons are there around you with whom you merely identify 
Sit in their feet and try to learn some of the greatest lessons of world.
Learn something of value and avoid the unneeded ones
Cultivate your mind with the noblest by doing away of all weeds.

Being your own light is the noblest teaching of Buddha
Meaning that you are to find your own way.
It does not restrict you to take external help when required
but you definitely should truly realize after working with self.

Sometimes I am quite unaware of some concept or topic
and then I need to put myself wholly into shelter of the teacher.
There is no ill to take help as & when required
but again you need to quantify your needs & correct source of fulfillment.

For me who is quite unaware & ignorant and doesn't see any light in self
What is the recourse available to get some rich stuff from here.
How can I make me worthy to sit in the class of truly learners
and where I find a good teacher who can bless me also?

But again there are some my limitations of thoughts of my ignorance
I do not even know where do I stand in the affairs of knowledge.
Realization will come much later then but some mirror is required
then who can bring that before me to take away all false impressions of self.

Again try to go to Buddha stating to be your own light
Can I say this as a teacher also for the self?
As little I understand others are only able to see very less of you
but you are always with yourself & perhaps interacting more.

Here I don't seek the opinions of others towards me
which can be many and also be some distracting.
I want a truly interesting enlightened observer
who very objectively and properly reveal me to me.

There can be many odd facts about you which you don't brood
or you have grown them with your ordinary company.
Vices have germinated inside and get very strong
and they will present their resistance if forcibly taken out.

So now comes to find some corrector to see your defects list
and the ways to rectify them needing correct materials and labour.
Or you can say the correct efforts to apply to ease out problems
and  cleanse you thoroughly & gradually treating  deep wounds.

I need both a true observer and teacher who is friendly to me
Not in my vices but a true well-wisher of me.
He should want my benefit to make me worthy
and who can talk to me with efforts & speak his mind well.

But something is required of me also to show my anxieties
to leave the bed and start exploring the self.
Reasoning of your every action & finding semblance
and judging your self with correct & just mind.

So try to be with yourself till you find some really worthy teacher
that will only be the occasioned though miracles don't come.
But you only intently desire & will always grow
and then the support of that almighty will always be with you.

Pawan Kumar,
22nd March'2014 Time 08:26 PM
New Delhi.
( From My Dairy writing dated 28th November'2013, 8:45 AM)