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Saturday, 27 August 2016

People’s Lives and Morning Prayers

People’s Lives and Morning Prayers

I have just now finished the story 'अरमान' from the book 'गूंगे सुर बाँसुरी के' by Sh. Pannalal Patel, a very famous Gujarati story-writer. This is a compilation of stories translated in Hindi by other persons. His style of writing is very much touching. He goes deep into human psychology and tries to explore the best. He emphasizes that people in general are very innocent, and a vibrant life is filled in ordinary peoples’ lives. Further they are able to correct selves if sometimes there are mistakes. They enjoy life, feel it, weep it and live it fully. In fact we become too sophisticated over the time, and don’t care other people’s psychology or perspectives, and this is sad. Inter-dialogue is an important thing, and able to negotiate a way. We shouldn’t scratch a permanent line in the relations, and realise that within deep of us, a pure human being is hidden. Only thing required is to explore that and respect. A big question is how to become the best and desire the best from others? But we must first respect others - behave properly so that they also realize their actual positions & potentials. We must come on their platform, brood their situation, and must not expect a sea-change in a little time. We should keep enough patience so as to achieve full benefits. But we must also realize the actual facts & forces acting behind a phenomenon and then judge the importance of that event in our arena and decide what to act and how to act.

Today’s day was passed in office work only. Since last few days, I have started going morning walk up to the ‘Pastor House’ on hill above Tripura Castle of Shillong, where I am posted. It is sun’s morning here, I take exercise and concentrate on nothingness and then meditate on knowledge-goddess ‘Saraswati’. I pray her to bless with right knowledge, right attitude, right resolve and right action. I pray to help in understanding the complete issues of nature in a simple way; enrich memory and fill dedication in me in all spheres of life taken up as activity. I wish to be blessed with curiosity, tirelessness and always knowledge-pursuing. There are many questions about self, surroundings, terrestrial/extra-terrestrial etc. Spheres are many – I try to find answers. O Ma Saraswati, bless, bless me, I am quite a novice & simpleton. You have blessed even the most forgetful persons. With your pity, the whole darkness of mind shatters and one can enter into something another world where happiness is borne in the heart. Such is the realization of internal ecstasy. O Ma Saraswati, I can’t succeed without your grace. Kindly grant buddhi (knowledge) so that I may know priorities, and bless courage so that I can work upon them. You can only support me. Ma, I am unable to tolerate many a times – you raise me in own eyes. Please persuade so that I can do something remarkable of some essence. Life can extend with your blessings only; a life lived without its feeling is worthless. With your pity only, I can stand on own feet. I am not able to listen the music of heart, your Veena. Ma, please tell how to be your devotee, pupil, son & worthy of your blessings. My tongue is sewed quietly and I am not able to speak. Or even if I speak, that is not of much value. With your prasada (compassion) only, I may be good at speech. My pen is not able to write good words, Ma, bless me. Do away my mind from evils so that I can think best of the possible best. Right, appropriate and complete knowledge are the targets. Make me sit to the job, and persuade to work hard. My only wish is to be a sincere child of your school, going to right sources for seeking knowledge. Please bless with vinaya (submissiveness) for gaining vidya (right knowledge), and snatch from useless & bad dialogues. Enable to realize priorities in life, respecting knowledgeable and able to sit in their feet for attaining true knowledge. Please do away my laziness and mind’s tiredness to make experience ‘true consciousness’. O Ma, please help & bless me.

Your son,
Pawan Kumar,
27th August, 2016 Time 22:51 Night
(From my Shillong Dairy 5th February, 2001 Midnight)

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