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Monday, 13 April 2015

Some Hopes

Some Hopes

Thoughts come to mind of ways to progress
Can communities suppressed for centuries have some hopes?

When there’re many suspicions in some ways or others,
They think selves as deceived without much of their faults.
When they become just carriers of development measures,
and benefits in actual are delusory and keep them devoid.

When admittedly many faults are fastened to them,
and they don’t selves much clamor for progress.
Reason may be not seen better world ever,
so remain glued to immediate past with no recluse.

Recently some light came by country’s democratic set up
Freedom brought noble thoughts & humane ways of treatment.
When people became focus of development measures,
and some help started trickling to marginalized also.

Some lamps started glowing & light scattered & scattered
Some of them got illuminated & relief soothed their souls.
Some smiles came on faces who did not feel that so far
May be that just platonic but bore some hopes.

That they’re also human beings & need equal treatment,
and there’ll be no mockery of their merits & virtues.
When they be also considered good or bad in real values,
and their development & training needs will be recognized.

When education started penetrating & removed ignorance,
and fields unknown so far were discussed in minds.
When their services were started getting recognized
& people started treating as their younger brothers.

Some hopes though not much, real success requires heroes
People need to be vocal, to raise their voices.
Need to come out of fears & develop leadership qualities
Not just complaining systems, but start reforming process.

They become complete human beings of sensitive minds,
and be illuminated by venturing into many fields.
They become well versed & educated in real sense,
and recognize their worth & forgive past bitterness.

This system was also theirs, may be on receiving ends
Now they must feel dearest needs to exit filthy ways.
Strong desire to cleanse selves & neighbors,
and wipe off all dirt deeply deposited in layers.

Gold remains gold even if buried in the filth,
Your soul is pious one, if able to bring forth.
Let that soothe a bit & feel better environment,
and give it progressive thought, which actually is need.

Everything will be possible, if have positive thoughts,
and look into ways, successful adopted in lives.
It is not they only; many suffer in one way or other
But are many success stories, which they also can learn.

There is not worry much, only to recognize worth
To harness ways & eradicate evils surrounding them.
Gain from benefits coming from energy saved,
Utilize in watchful manner, with eyes always on goal.

So never feel doomed, you’re much above environments,
As being creator of self, never feel deceived.
All troubles are challenges, only to be overcome,
Always see to stars & good people ever ready to help.

You’re not minority but huge mass of human beings,
And only need unity to become a greater force.
Never feel weak & humiliated, but strong & knowledgeable,
and prove relevance to world, if situation demands so.

Have good relations with government for its goodwill,
You really need attention to come out of childhood.
Certainly young in development schemes of providence,
so may need some help, don’t be shy to accept that.

When you don’t feel ashamed of present ones,
You are also children of same Adam & Eve as others.
Slight less disadvantaged situation should not lose heart
Think as a man of prowess to tread all troubles.

Share noble thoughts and honour much lovable
Give them respects when they really deserve.
Be partners in progressive ways of world,
and prove merits thinking self, second to none.

Whosoever is better in some ways or others,
Learn if you’re studious & sincere in thoughts.
Be good disciple of learning and understanding,
and be ready for coming challenges not seen so far.

Be trained & equipped, use resources in better ways,
Be worth in real sense, not only vices of jealousy.
Be sincere in ways and tread living the most,
Adopt management tools for self-development & others.

So there’re hopes & hopes, you just open eyes,
and illuminate ways for significant lives.

Pawan Kumar,
14th April’2015 Time 9:59 AM
(From my Dairy dated 22.09.2013, 12.00 Midnight)

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