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Tuesday, 7 July 2015



How do people enhance in careers & what ways do they adopt?
They’re scholars, artists, writers, scientists, technocrats, businessmen or so.

How do they germinate ideas for creativity & innovation?
And dare to eye on big goals, do everything to attain them.
How do people ready them to run the marathon races?
Know it very tough, demanding & exhausting to large extent.

How do people determine to scale difficult peaks of mountains?
And dare targets which perhaps might not even be thought.
 How do they aspire to visit the icy north & south poles?
And dare to dive into oceans, even knowing dangers several.

How do they think of revolutions against mighty Earth’s rulers?
Minuscule in strength & resources but keep courage enormous.
How do they think to bring changes as per their aspirations?
Know well many stumbles in ways but dare experiments.

How does one become scholar though is from illiterate family,
And joins elite’s club in short time through hard work & vigour?
 How does a poor background person dare to become millionaire,
What spirit does work in him, though has to start from ab-initio?

How does one turn Anna Hazare, Baba Amte or Vinoba Bhave,
And Gandhi, Tagore, Tolstoy, Shashtri or Medha Patkar?
How does he revolutionize self & then strives for social equity?
And cherishes goals noble, doing humanity a great service.

How does a struggling fellow dare to see beyond immediate?
And imagines for new, noble world and doesn’t bother hindrances.
How can one average student aspire to be excellent scholar?
And tries many disciplines with dedication & perspiration.

How does a weak young man dare to be a good wrestler?
Practices in fields incessantly, learning game’s fine nuances.
How does a teacher’s son dream to be great Sachin Tendulkar?
And boys playing in street, do all to play internationals.

How does an illiterate person dare to enter learned’s fields?
Learns by heart all required lessons, illuminating inner self.
How does a remote village’s girl become boxer Mary Kom?
Gives big challenge to even best trained with her strong punches.

How does a Siddhartha become Buddha & challenges pre-concepts?
And many come in fields with own theories even if may be incorrect.
How does one dare beyond stereotypes & applies mind for light?
May be he succeed or fail but courage is admirable.

How does a man progress in world & creates vast civilizations?
With basic raw materials already on earth from time immemorial.
How does one see beautiful idol in rock rough and irregular?
And chisels all extras to shape his cherished sculpture.

How does one dare his pen in vast, long journal pages?
Though may not have any idea what will be next word.
How does one create long epics by sheer zeal & consistency?
And raw materials he collects, though mind is quite vacant.

How does one adopt all checks & balances to shape personality?
And is steadfast in resolutions & able to create marvels.
How does one meditate in solitary moments & tries unusual?
This self-struggle is the key to unravel beyond mediocre.

Pawan Kumar,
7th July'2015 Time 23:08 Night
(From my dairy 18.03.2015 Time 9:28 AM) 

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