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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Philosophy Present

Philosophy Present

What is life’s philosophy, how can I say living own life
Or just passing in a mental scape, mired in self’s deeds?

Some reading is fine but what firm convictions erupted
Not believing just as projected, but mind conceives right?
Others may profess incorrect; you can be in their shoes 
Reasonable is when self’s elevation finds one platform.

What world’s best minds construct, profess for general use
Else they think without fixed ends & length in-between?
In general in daily lives, we react as per our inclinations
Can they be compiled though difficult, depends on situation?

How one behaves in a fixed way, is his life’s philosophy
And accumulates attributes, is environment found by luck?
What we’re in present moments, could others be in theirs
Could each be that very person, had same conditions given?

What genetic material & environment, we interact in daily lives
How much sportingly we take or forcing factors goad to believe?
Who are teachers, parents, friends, tending to move in set ways
Or am I just a fluff that one blow will fly in its direction?

What freedom man is given to believe in his own ways
Why prejudices goad mind, not letting free to ponder?
Good or bad is relative, depending upon own interests
Free, neutral can judge correctly for good in ultimate run.

Why I am so, what factors working on at present  
Is it a machine or object, behaving what use put to?
If object, who is keeper, responsible for correct working
I, surrounding or Almighty, question big needing answer?

Who provides present conditions, I write these words
Why mind thinks only these, alternatives don’t erupt?
Why do I move in philosophy, which persuades to move
Or inner thinking world just pursues to take some out?

Is writing normal action, auto evolves to a mental level
Or a process to embrace culminating best, one can find?
Life’s purpose is to understand full by possibly self or others
I am minuscule; see very little, unable to draw a big picture.

My philosophy is according to situation, whether I like or not
I can be dissatisfied with life, even with working on thoughts.
It is not necessary always to be comfortable with inner self
Many times frustrations tear apart, forcing to find solutions.

Who does pose questions to self, am I able to find answers
What material found in way, does that suit my conditions?
Who are guides on aspects, what philosophy carry in selves
How much matching inclinations, determines each course?

What are cultural contexts, do I imbibe good relations with
Who will show path or else remain in perpetual darkness?
What is this inner constitution and stuff I am consisted of
What possibilities are inhibited & adaptability as them?

What time is given to healthily take up or rebel status quo
I consider many situations as bad & try to avert with force.
Mind germinates all good-bad thoughts, action comes later
A step big to challenge authorities, not happens in one day.

What are daily materials - layer & embalm a set behavior
Why strengthen in that very way, in which I am interested?
Often things don’t happen as wished, I am a mute spectator
Life doesn’t flow as wished, else scene would be different.

There’re many Yes-No or 1-0 situations, choose only one 
One is gainer or loser, we remorse on being disenchanted.
Many accidents we meet in daily lives, none wishes fatal
Several things not in own control, may we confess or not.

Many situations go on making, knowingly or not in actions
Even when we do nothing, action may be seen good or bad.
What secular solutions to unimaginable, can succeed in efforts
Yes careful tread with good intentions may perhaps pave way.

World is a mix of several factors -big, small or frivolous
Each has its own weight and goads result in its favour.
We’re to be strenuous & can pressurize to be one factor
Ultimate not in hand, attention is key in close situations.

Practise doing small tasks independently, see what factors work
Slowly increase efforts for complex, influence each connected.
Personal efforts - a big say, things can be decided by own weights
It is persuasion/timely action, control before going beyond hand.

Slowly describe life’s attributes & define in own words
Words are life’s philosophy, maybe we believe or not.
What we think is only reflected, at times inconvenient too    
But define honest inner being, that will reveal a little self.

Thanks, Try more elegantly.

Pawan Kumar,
19th March' 2016 Time 18:31 PM
(From My Dairy 15th November’2015 Time 10:52 AM)

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