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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Cognitive Tools

Cognitive Tools

What is our cognitive Toolkit and wisdom can it fill
What steps one needs & life comes above mediocre?

Cognitive means intellectual relating to mind’s working
Tools mean ways, lessons, guidance or thought- process.
Definitely there’re wisdom paths, one needs for benefit
We remain quite unenlightened, darkness around & aloof.

How giants use this most important apparatus called mind
What scientific steps are taken to reach some conclusion?
Specialists think on a particular theory for outcome great
That may too be overridden over time, but try to their best.

That perception is debated in scholars, pros & cons checked
Discuss on all facets, before spreading to common masses.
If no selfish or coterie, healthy debate leads to good conclusion
And decision taken accordingly is perhaps a mean to correct.

Group discussion is a method to reach consensus on a topic
Individuals of different opinions, come at common platform.
Individual deviations, some are more correct than conclusion
But near to team’s idea, individuals are not preferred criteria.

But some leaders put forth their opinion, thrash for decision
Individual correctness takes a toll, only noted by good judge.
Peer pressures & haughtiness, discourage individual’s vigor
If discussion is healthy & all are heard, conclusion is better.

We are like a machine where many parts are fitted in body
Correct working needs timely oiling-repairs for productivity.
Knowhow of tools-machine & theory essentials in working,
And supervisor, specialist, manufacturer, inventor are important.

We have many concepts in minds, dealing on daily basis
But make a fixed opinion in self and think it the idea best.
We don’t see from other’s angle, prejudices not let progress
So drudgery manifests in efforts and whole scenes is dismal.

Our perceptions are result of mental functions so far done
Own thinking, some others’ dialogues make us who we are.
But righteousness interfaces only by interaction with specialists
Though experiments we can also do, light only will show much.

Life has many facets imbued though we don’t give much thought
We remain fixated in stereotypes & colossus is reduced to penny.
Different colours, fields need be seen around for good personality
How do we do justice to the world, this mind will only sets path.

Creative designs erupt automatically if opened to other fields
Don’t remain fastened to tight rope, go to people who do know.
They will provide all nut-bolts, with knowledge where to fit
And then we are more efficient, making life a more sensible.

There are arts, journalism, science, writing, teaching & playing
Commerce, business, economics, mathematics & technologies.
There’re management, behavioral sciences, philosophy & history
Then painting, sculpting, weaving, crafts & many other disciplines.

There’re sensing, oratory, poetry, debating, supervision & learning
And schools, colleges, universities, institutions & training centers.
Tutoring, mentoring, guru-shishya parampara & consistent practice
And interaction with media, newspapers, books, TV, Internet or so.

We should find specialist man having authority on particular topic
And see how much we deviate & can there be some compromise.

Try for more wisdom adopting very good tools.

A book ‘This will make you smarter - New Scientific Concepts to improve Your Thinking’ compiled by John Brockman from specialists is definitely will provide toolkit.

Pawan Kumar,
20.05.2017 Time 23:04 Night
(From My Dairy dated 20.03.2017 Time 10:12 A.M.)

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