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Monday, 4 June 2018

Creativity Lessons

Creativity Lessons

Creativity - an excellent quality, if we involve, can rise to great heights
Mostly sui-generic, intentionally-evoked, efforts do possible motions.

What is this creativity, how & in what pursuits a person involves self
How much interest is taken in affairs, deeply diving into mind’s layers.
Enormous thirst for precious nectar, but self-tryst, not disturbing others
One’s own play-field, action constantly required, self-directed for cause.

If one is a creative, he can evolve into like Michelangelo or da Vinci
Always in dialogue with self, some big purpose in mind to act upon.
Requires no directions from others, own thirst is more than anything
Just use life’s all gifts, materials already there - assimilation required.

It develops when one challenges self, awakes & stands up for action
Don't remain mediocre in world’s affairs, shape many things by trials.
Not just consumer & ignorant of issues, burdened by false knowledge
It is own working with self, not wishing others come to acknowledge.

A silent working goes on inside, closeted somewhere for Creation
Unlayering all available with self, questioning own belief-system.
Admittedly every step is difficult, a tiring inertia is to be overcome
Enchantment / satisfaction is far off gift, comes only after many toils.

But self-amused world is unique, entry only possible if one is lucky
Checks patience to a great extent, a good idol demands many processes.
Here self is the raw material, and has to go through painful experiences
In this work-in-process, every iota is modified from previous raw stage.

Creativity can be in any activity, erupts when one is serious with any work
Willingly person is inclined to excellence, not perturbed by pains inflicted.
May be a slow pace but denying defeat, failure just means idea didn’t work
With constant struggle, one slowly improves environment to some extent.

When one achieves the ‘flow’ condition, production is auto-possible
But till then pass through many intermediates, at times quite fatiguing.
Many instances are not in way, which one can quite dislike  
But if patient in penances consciously, fine ways soon become visible.

Why to develop prejudices for others, when so much to work with self
But world is not cosy cushion, self-workings may not enthuse others.
They react in own ways, speak expectations with clearly open minds
And not let others remain in illusion, faiths are constantly challenged.

Now there're two worlds - one of self which is hidden & self-actuated
Other largely effects by outside agencies, trying to drag in own realms.
One may be deluged or eloped in self, and creating unusual experience
Man is nothing but his experiences only; thinking is just a its partner.

Serious man finds way easily, unperturbed by outside inconveniences
Knows prime goals, or at least curiosities/motions keep him hopeful.
He can toil, ingress in unusual, can befriend even hard experiences
Knows every gift has a value, getting without payment is just insult.

Creative person develops his workshop, first & foremost tool is mind
Then some paper, pencil or colors, brush or stone/wood, chisels or so.
He always can perceive in the big rock and see image that is hidden
Just chisels away unnecessary extra, idol is already there just to find it.

Long back I had read a book ‘Truth: A History & Guide for the Perplexed’
Author F.F. Armesto says writings are mere permutation-combinations of words.
It means we don’t create a poem or essay, but only experiment with words
With mere jumbling of words already there, writer creates seemingly unusual
Knows internally, nothing is new but just eruptions hitherto sleeping in him.

When you stand up, luck also walks, so action is always gracious
Mind’s working & body’s movements, can make it all possible.
A working man does not age fast, his parts go on rejuvenating
Renewal freshens one, cells get required nourishment - oxygen.

‘Self-demand’ is a good word, one’s foremost field is this ‘life-gift’
Extremely precious, one is to honour it, care even a little bit of it.
But here caring means to use it full, taking out best by processing
Success is when one turns into extra-ordinary,  only then is manhood.

Philosophers, psychologists, thinkers come in world & will continue
They weren't so at births /childhood, but developed selves over periods.
Achievement is just in own field, no one can force other into excellence
Development is by intersts-experiments, not letting self easily satisfied.

So many creations all around us, see how many efforts people put in
Take lessons from them heartily, also be serious in own dispositions.
Excellence is thy field too, only requirement is strong intent & action
This life should fill you with satisfaction, internal is the best working.

Infill ecstasy feelings in self, and arouse near-dear ones too for heights
They should also realize fine lessons, and learn heartily without force.
Elevation is not above ordinary out world, but own low-lying spheres
This realization only paves to action, and one constantly is in progress.

O man! find some ways, or learn lessons also how to become creative
‘How’ is a big word, turn to ‘Wiki how’ or such sites for directions.
Also think of some big project, and decide & know to work upon it
Accomplish things unhesitatingly, gather fine aspects in personality.

Try to remain cheerful & forgiving, but don’t be lax for timely results
Your creations will have good values, but first make self of some value.

Pawan Kumar,
4th June, 2018 Time 19:49 Evening
(From My Dairy 8th March’2018, Time 5:04 A.M.)

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