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Sunday, 8 July 2018

Encouraging Richness

Encouraging Richness

How to become financially free; let us meditate on the subject
People become wealthy over period, many just hand to mouth.

Birth with rich parents not in own hand, a God-given or situational
If already on strong foundation, one starts erecting superstructure.
Learning from family background is easy, faster in an environment
He picks habits of rich near-dears; success got with a bit seriousness.

Definitely it says for incumbent, born with silver spoon in mouth
New born in Birla family could not be same rich, if had born poor.
One can say it is luck only, but many things are found in set order
You are to just start from already cozy state & simply start working.

Sons of rich parents get good care, nourishing, education & comforts
Everything available just on wish; parents take care with attention.
They are treated as precious gifts, only to take over empire / riches,
Like parents, often take good habits & courage so as to be successful.

In fact success is always near to them, only think of big ventures
They're able to start new things, or extend in their already stupendous.
Habits are of savings & not much show off; caring each & every penny
And are able to gauge opportunities near or far, take courage to step in.

Their riches go on increasing, as they are cautions in dealing finances
‘Think & Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill - a good book tells how to be rich.
‘Poor Dad, Rich Dad’ by Robert Kiyosiki is a fine, read few years back
James Allen's ‘Seven Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs’ is a guru.

Here means one can grow if adopts certain habits, character of stupendous
Being courageous to see opportunities, step in with hope & hard work.
Certainly there's competition in business, one needs to know games’ how
Slowly but cautiously should utilize in gathering, bits gather into riches.

I see many success stories nearby in past, present & also in future
‘Rag to Riches’ is a beautiful tag, many paupers become millionaires.
It is not good to remain always poor, that only shows your laziness
May be success not in one’s hand, but one can at least take rigor.

How can one be rich by sleeping in cozy bed, when many toil outside?
He has not set up any business - auto working even when one is absent.
Lender’s interest always go on working, because of already investments
By taxies, hotels, hospitals, houses, on rent etc., money is self-pouring.

If one has money, should put in auto-mode growing without disturbance
Yes there are market fluctuations, but taken care of by self-adjustments.
Watching performances how they work, and adjustment /shift wherever
But it is attention only, that finances are taken care of & are multiplied.

A major duty of parents is to give good financial foundations to children
But more than that, they should be trained to enable self- handle things.
Not just venture in unknown fields like a fool, though take some risks
But need only be calculated & accounting, & retracting if so required.

Admittedly many new businesses fail always but people succeed also
If one sees only failures, never progress, with hope one must step out.
Man has eyes in front to see & more focused, and not only turn back
Yes he should help people, with little gestures many lives continue.

One should have finances for investments, but also needs to earn
A poor person cannot do, no money to put in banks or elsewhere.
He is lucky if has sanity & health, can put his labour on sale
And will get something useful, and some savings can start piling.

Much inequality is spread in world’s riches, but that is man made
He is greedy, grabs other’s shares, just thinks to fill own coffers.
Snatching other’s rights is evil; set equal opportunities to progress
But all should try to find means for wages, idleness only stagnates.

With industry definitely one benefits, money is just a form of riches
Lazy ones only remain hungry, yes world’s greed is forced on poor.
I have sympathy for poor, but want to motivate, encourage to rise up
All should learn to earn also, and not dependent on others’ charities.

In poor /middle incomes, one can see more expenses than incomes
Might be their needs are not mitigated with available poor incomes.
Then they must work hard, first should be able to feed self & family
One pious duty is to be comfortable, though hard are world’s games.

Man should develop a little wisdom & cleverness to survive successful
Learn life’s nuances, how it works & succeed in this competitive world.
Failure is there, but be bold to step out & not satisfy if home cannot feed
Come out, world is very big, will get chances definitely if well-searched.

Success is by coming out of home; not much progress in fixed setting
Be vibrant in active world, and make own riches to perch & hatch.
One must learn self-help & adapt to good habits/qualities of successful
Start to early awake, take morning walks, and prioritize for day’s time.

One has to break poverty coop with might & not satisfy in mediocrity
But aim can be big to free as many people, hope should fill in minds.
Rich with a bit less aren't affected much, but for poor, a life’s question
So great persons think of vast humanity, self is a small part of that.

Poor has to toil to defeat conditions & ask more helps to support
He can enrich with good behaviors, sensitivity & passionate hope.
He should win people’s hearts & with good will create his demand 
And even rich players are selling them, and auctioned with prices.

Here riches does not mean ‘Shylock like or niggards’ ill tactics
But it is to live & let live propensity, when all brethren are benefited.
May be everyone has not houses, clothing, livelihood or education
But people should easily identify with successful & think like them.

Not only of money’s equal distribution but also of  talents, wisdom 
If citizens are taught rigour methods, definitely they will also progress.
It is not taking of someone’s riches, world filled in by many such types
Search richness of own kind; one can be carefree like great Kabir saint.

Riches is in wisdom, courage, education, talent & can do attitude
It is also mirthfulness, helpful, helping attitude & high spirited.
It is perfect health, competitiveness, mixing with people & befriend
It is oratory, skillful, good singing, artistry, connoisseur in one’s field.

So even if not born with money-richness, be rich with other modes
May be one’s parents are sane who can fill good attributes in him.
May be he finds such friends who value him more than their lives
Or has great family, always helpful & can take on any mighty being.

One can be near to nature’s bounties, good fruits, flora & fauna
Satisfaction in means is also one richness, no one can surpass that.
Today knowledge- source is richness & interacting with good people
Or what is going on all around, coming out of age- old superstitions.

It is also good attitude to life & others, thinking they are only one part
One can gather money over time, but Baba Amte like believe in sacrifice.
Gifting of riches- talents to world - like Karna, Harsha donated everything
It is high spiritedness of superior nature, one can turn to super rich.

So be not gloomy in any situation, yes try to be successful in ventures
Don’t stop on small failures & with courage everything will be possible.

Pawan Kumar,
9th July, 2018 Time 01:12 Midnight
(From My Mahendergarh Dairy 10.03.2017 Time 9:12 A.M.)

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