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Sunday, 22 July 2018

Debate Culture

Debate Culture 

People are of often fixed beliefs, have no time & energy to question
Event is just an almighty’s act, and all should unhesitatingly accept.

What is this fixity in populations, questioning is always discouraged
Son can't question father’s conduct, even if family is handled inaptly.
We just believe in sayings of forefathers, or written in holy books,
and questioning makes us non-conformists, being snubbed strongly.

We should encourage healthy discussions, many thoughts surface
Debates on all issues should happen for checking pros & cons all.
A democratic decision is always good, and nobody feels the losing
Emphasis should be on consensus, it is generally in benefit of all.

In democratic set up winner is majority, all must heartily respect
At times unfavorable, but one shouldn't feel sad when not turn his.
Competitive politics is better, best perspective be put before people,
They should have choices & respect decision not of liking even if.

Life presents many views, not necessarily coming into mind instantly
Few things are closer to hearts & accordingly we present  view points.
Either we have enough time to study things, and note all to judge best
Or discuss with best field men, and must correct mistakes in concepts.

Higher we go in the scale of learning, our many sore points are known
Earlier we thought to know all, and can handle any situation to come.
But interaction shakes strongly, and fears, surprises, strengths surface
Others are intelligent too & in many settings, their thoughts are better.

Encourage discussions in homes, offices, and welcome improvements, 
and should prefer a consensus rather than just imposing own decisions. 
A ‘We-feeling’ should be developed, make it a vehicle of change also
Real change is 'change of minds & hearts', forcefully can't win anyone.

Pawan Kumar
22nd July, 2018 Time 19:07 Evening
( From my Dairy 01.09.2017 Time 08:13 A.M. )

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