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Saturday, 16 February 2019

Leveller World

Leveller World

World is an amazing apparatus, encompasses many realms in
Being a great equalizer, slowly soothes hard agonies of times.

All good-bad happen around always, we're mere mute spectators
Unable to react realizing much beyond, remain in tight situations.
Then we are not expressive, just meditate what best can be done
Sometimes frustrate, over-react, but that is counter-productive.

But 2 great virtues patience & courage lead to face adversities
Optimism that can tread difficulty & no situation is permanent.
If good days always don’t remain with, bad ones will also pass
Time’s wheel experiences all types; be equanimous in all situations.

No situation is bad or good per se, latter gives us choice pleasures
Bad ones are great teachers too, tell weakness before great designs.
Many things go on in background & we're caught unawares often 
Though hint for likely happenings, but we remain just all is fine.

There are many factors not in hand, definitely on few we can react
None likes excuses, but sincerity & word of mouth go a long way.
You are definitely helped to extent possible, when worth is proved  
None is friend or enemy, only yours a set image determines future.

Surely make a space, there is flexibility to know how to ingress
Adjust self in a great system, help in its working to the optimum.
Support it & don't weaken, acts will accumulate noble for you
All like a delivering & people’s men, we remain in them only.

Survival in hard world is tight, but tactics keep on life moving
Knowing is important & must-learn, a pleasant journey with.
Fitting in odd situation is often difficult, shun also if very bad 
But all can’t be as per us & correct, learn correct from others.

At one point we think to know best & can decide all in stakes
But know correct position in big canvas of cosmos’s working.
Just living in own is not beneficial; should be an action-guy
Many big-small in systems are serious, all not bad as assumed.

If need excellent results, give people a pat & deal respectfully
They aren't that insensitive that will not understand intentions.
They also fear of God, world is basically our own echo only
When smile, it smiles-returns back, good produces good only.

But what is that good per se, it is what consumed by all positive
It enriches men both body & soul and always bless in disguise.
When we win people’s hearts, they automatically help to full  
But when remain in own dark-world, nobody can bring to light.

World has all types of people, thoughts, books, customs & ways
Not necessarily all will match, try how much life can be smooth.
So try to find we-like good situations, and adjust in the odd ones
Understand others’ ways too, there may also be other contexts.

Sometimes one ideology seems a forceful & others are at bays
But things are always temporal, they erupt & settle as bubbles.
What we believe is our philosophy & can find resemblance with
But one must know correct things, life not gives many chances.

One should seriously learn & approach to the world’s rightness 
Those who work hard with are like Aristotle, Buddha, or Plato.
Krishna too a learning-action philosopher, soothes in all contexts
But what we adopt is our archive, so work hard to learn by hearts.

Definitely there're life stages & we sometimes face hard to work
When of own don’t boost, then external forces goad to behave.
If not vigilant we stumble more, while may trace many excuses
People may lamely sympathize so this is own life, handle it well.
I don’t say people are bad per se, but have several tasks to do
They give time as available & serious & of triviality known to.
Be cautious in asking help, people help but secretly can amuse
But sometimes genuine also help so there is no harm in trying.

Hard times give lessons & we start respecting life a little more
When have a very less in hand, become spend-thrifts in habits.
We know our nuisance has value & can be done away with job
Then repentance only is in scenario & times never come back.

One should be sincere in daily life, do his best to prove fitting
After that nature does justice & takes care to possible extent.
Day’s slackness or oddity affects negatively the environment
Gives a bad feeling to self & others, it is in our hand to avoid.

Do justice what is in reach, must know how & when to react
Don’t unnecessarily waste other’s time, to the point in talks.
Be sweat & respectful, when dealing with wise & powerful
Each step is meaningful & do apologize if mistakes happen.

Humility, man's great quality, keeps self always in positive state
Others can’t ignore sincerity forever, though rogues roost world.
Even then one should be a good person, as that is of self-interest
You can’t live in fear-suspicion, world’s all things are behind you.

So world - a great leveler, flows with time gives all a chance - gift 
How we receive, materials everywhere but few create civilizations.
Adopt skills & tools of efficiency & learn good ways for survival
Respecting - a great virtue, suo moto raises to elevated platform.

Pawan Kumar,
17th February, 2019 Time 01:30 Night
(From my dairy 5th April, 2017 Time 9:07 A.M.)

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