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Saturday, 10 November 2018

Self- Reflection

Self- Reflection

What is a readable, people on social media like short posts
Often don’t have time, just scan & read full when interested.

Long anthologies are available, but men cut some parts & post
May be relevant parts taken, one needs time for bulky material.
Very few are able to churn crux from large texts by connoisseurs
Only serious readers are able to underline & take appropriates.

Short couplets of greater authors become popular over the time
Ordinary have scary reading habits, groped in daily affairs of life.
Reading demands to be minimum curious & seriously inclined
We only know self by study others, yes each one is same inside.

Reading opens to wide world outside, many times we’re unaware
It is also we know but don’t express, or extension of our thinking.
Great writers, seers & artists are simplifiers, orate people’s minds
People find them just own copy, broadly all inner landscape is one.

Writers don’t bother how many will read, mainly write for selves
It is inner burning desire, coming out in the form of built words.
One can delve that spirit in self also, and ignite own awakening
Melon changes color on seeing others, we gain from ambiance.

What one writes in a particular time, also does not much know
Not much mind application, words out-pour after some time but.
But that often is true self-reflection; solace makes each bit of self
It may need some correction/editing, but nearly as original stuff.

All don’t write with same talent, writer has passion of things
He often has a marked interest & builds writing towards that.
It is also taking handy material, I amaze how they gather large
People are fed up with own triviality & try with big ventures.

What is this life of self, if it just passed with scarce material
Be open to great available avenues & a part of great cosmos.
Ultimate aim of life is connection with vast enormity around
When all seem own stuff only, we come out of all ignorance.

Thinkers, artists loose self-first & elope in bigger other them
When humble & receivables, things start cumulating for them.
It is self-emptiness, which gives space for superior to come
Whoever dares & gives time to self, will be in better position.

When we read giants, try to raise self to see through their eyes 
We hold their fingers for support & turn strong over the time.
Connection with bigger, certainly strengthens us from inside
Coming into contact of such is good opportunity to improve.

My life is also little such, at times try to connect with stalwarts
My writing mainly through this dairy also becomes repository.
Though has only few colors, but I should try to fill in vividness
Read a bit more to improve & write on subjects of many tastes.

Not to be a just consumer, but to produce for world colleagues
May be I am appreciated or not, I should try my best possible.
Don't be content so easily with self, but work more to improve
Try vivid subjects with heart into, eyes opened to fill in quality.

Enact with more stuff, see how Amitav Ghosh takes novel project
He does field work, gathers data & construct plot with many hues.
It is not simply copy or paste, or evoke out from the read material
But own work plays in middle, offers a fine story before readers.

So I should also try best to be of self-little, better worked upon
And give world what I can construct, life is just to give & take.

Pawan Kumar,
10th November, 2018 Time 23:54 Mid-night 
(From my dairy 24th March, 2017 Time 8:43 A.M.)

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