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Friday, 19 October 2018

Cosmos Person

Cosmos Person

What to wait for, none comes for rescue or takes liabilities.
This life is entity & fieldwork, and grows if you're serious.

Kabir says it a precious diamond, you turn into cowrie
Why to belittle it by ill-acts, when can make marvelous.
People do great works with this life & grow into superb
They use every iota purposefully with big goal in mind.

What you want to be in future, give some thought over it
Already attained 50 years age, half past is not small period.
How can you be silent on issues crucial to society & self
Analyze & clearly speak, though see mood of waves also.

How much youth is realized in self, what activities speak
Make mind-body quite healthy, exercise a routine matter.
Body needs be quite agile, no laziness to the smallest core
It lasts more with motions, make healthy life style a habit.

Nobody can command your life, merely learn good ways
Befriend best books/ideas, men are wonderful in writings.
General talks may be paltry, but best in thinking-writing 
Reading is better than gossiping, a good stuff in little time.

Ordinarily we push time, but concentrate when conscious
That paves to good ideas to practice & beneficial to others.
Solitariness grows a man to great height, if he can sit silently
Mixed mind-body acts transform environment into positive.

What is goal of world, everyone fights or acts in own way
He wants to succeed in tasks in hand, puts full force in it.
Recognition for strong disposition, victory in realms chosen
Show power of winning hearts, not always denouncing critics.

What is the life’s priority, at least first I need to choose fields
Do only what comes to mind, earlier thought also vanishes.
How to grow into a giant when even don't know shallowness
It is only when am consistent, losing focus dissipates energy.

Think some life’s best goals, write them in BOLD LETTERS
Then there are no futile stoppages, life is in only movements.
DEFINE priorities & goals, chart out Action Plan for success 
Being Omni-person is better, forego even own petty-greatness.

Be colossus like a tree, giving shade, fruits, flowers & beauty
Demeanor to enchant a pious song, presence filling in ecstasy.
Be a good leader of marvelous, set an example of own persona
People slowly emulate good deeds, serious will be successful.

Think global & look into burning issues inimical to society 
Does world-coming transforms even little, had I not be here?
I am an entity in self, quite unique & can make some space  
Not to repent but acting highly, change as great predecessors.

Why silent, weak or depressed & not voicing for betterment
Mouth for mankind’s concerns, develop notably some harmony.
Be an aware world citizen, how best majority of people can live
Have aim to respect for all lives, many smiles on more faces. 

Choose aspects to raise humanity, don't think just as little souls
Complimentary in mutual hopes, unitedly be great men of value.
Raise good citizens out of youngsters, seeing world with hope
Artificial gaps of creed, caste, religion ought vanish from minds.

Now a COSMOS person, will do some conscious doable acts
Will find some niche in world’s scenario, some activism in soul.

Pawan Kumar,
20th October, 2018 Time 00:33 Mid-night
(From my Dairy 5th March’ 2017, 9:00 A.M.)

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  1. B S Deep Arya : Great aim of the journey... everyone have same values then the world will change for facilitate everyone...!