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Sunday, 26 August 2018

Challenging Limitations

Challenging Limitations

What we need to do to bring out best from our inner depths
Pearls are laid in deep inside, not fully benefiting from them.

We've wealth but unable to utilize, spending ability is freedom
Having knowledge but not sharing, results in dying natural death.
Some resources definitely are given, but how do we realize them
Some external or in-built in thoughts, both quite complimentary.

All have blessed wealth by almighty, may be of one type or other
Few self-worked hard to strength & enhance whatever little had.
In first instance self-help is best, just make up your mind to excel
None can be in your shoes; wake up & self-win world’s tight race.

Different powers are say lands, money, authority or knowledge
And skills, dependence, trust, truthful, good behavior & potential.
Smile, physique, good health, parentage & environment of  birth
People, world view, culture, traditions & proximity to good scene.

One's birth in rich family is already more advantageous than many
If is in learned family tradition, chances are there you will emulate.
Rule is species give births of own like, so our close environments do
Man is a species in self, but there are many contexts imbuing variety.

Good or bad luck based on so called births, early settings effect beings
See children of poor people, picking garbage & wondering in streets.
Children sell something on city road crossings, don’t have much future
Grow there, become drug-edits, remain poor or enter in dark world.

Birth means new growth possibility, but people develop situational
Some have indomitable spirits, challenge conditions & change course.
Many also compromise within settings, but they can also self-improve
Development becomes possible due to providing a soothing environment.

Admittedly wide variations are in contexts, but giants change situations
If children of poor & rich mix together, a lot of ill feelings will vanish.
Universal education for all children can pave way to brood noble goals
If one is duty oriented & makes good niche, survival is not too difficult.

If we see nature closely, find different attributes bless all in rich ways
One is advantageous in own realm, and others in own different ways.
Everyone is unique & if allowed to bloom, a great beauty will appear
Gardens must have various species, colors, all sized developing own.

What is development freedom or possibility; to what extent can we go
One thing we are guided by genes & culminations also there built in.
Soothsayers say each one’s luck is fixed in birth, place, time & parents
From star movements predict future, but that seems quite unscientific.

What is breaking of stereotype story that one’s future is quite fixed
And that flexibility which prompts man to rise above all weaknesses?
It is inner & external vision by individual, challenging own limitations
In fact we’re super-computers, but don’t know to use functions built-in.

Rocket can in itself be very swift but needs propulsion & working on it
A good computer or car will work only, when you open & put in keys.
Similarly our body is a mental machine, but need to know its operation
See body builders, gymnasts, athletes etc. doing excellent performances.

Average persons before sometime, become connoisseurs by self-trying
Simple dudes turn very wise & give good sermons for world’s advantage.
Some children of poor parents amass great wealth by sheer will-power
Not satisfied with specified identities, they know possibilities very well.

So we need to self-work maximum to bring out best in whichever realm
And hitherto poorly utilized; key is to harvest resources to our full extent.

Pawan Kumar,
26th August, 2018 20.18 Evening
(From my dairy 5th September’ 2017, 8:24 A.M.)

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