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Sunday, 25 August 2019

Filial Duties

Filial Duties

Let me connect to roots, they are my necessities also
Cannot ignore the dear ones, plus have born in them.

There are surely filial duties, though at times we opine
We take others are uninterested, why then to 1st step in.
They also think similarly, have own judgement to count
When mutual-response lack, we diminish in own ghettos.

Life is short, ignorantly we simply do away living ones
After man is permanently passed, we even cannot blame.
Can fight with even strong in front, with weak is cowardly
Strengthen relations, one is always in some position to help.

Many fields are of dear ones, some live pathetic in penury
We can help bit but doing nothing, only wish insufficient.
Coming from them, a bit successful, we can do a possible
For dying fish even tiny morsel is a boon, small helps also important.

If we can live in present moments, can hope for next also
By scaling current drudgeries, may handle well future too.
Though self-help is important, may be also need at times
They also come suo-moto, duty to soothe environments.

Know help, all grow with family’s support & guidance
Do parents wait till we ask, silently fulfill their parts?
They rear, teach lessons, feed-clothe, grow into standing
No expectation, but we silently turn backs when they need.

Joint families dying at least in cities, nuclear is current vogue
People have own problems, leave homes due to job-business.
Parents don’t stay with children when grown up & married
Being busy in own family realms, forget roots coming from.

We often are alike while dealing with even dearest ones
And ignore parents when live, forget after forever gone.
Could gale their hearts, but don’t know living art much
Remain sad, make others too, negativity germinates in.

We suspect even parents that they are biased towards us
Or think inclined towards other siblings, shower all love.
And that could help us too, but did nothing due to reasons
Have no time-energy for us, so how can we be all-devoted?

We only perceive things or persons, not truly what they are
And listen only we want, though know well much is correct.
Being selfish, absorbed in volitions, others seem frivolous
Respect till are important, or ignore being not of much use.

Man - cunny in relations, ignores even mother who gave birth
Leaves father-siblings, shows core selfish-opportunistic way.
What would have occurred, had they ignored when we needed
We crouch contextually, other times behaves as Omnipotent.

Many well-wishes are with us for bringing in present position
Why to ignore charities, directly or indirectly showered upon?
Bit success shouldn’t make mirthful, recognize own duties too
Step out of comfort zone & see reality, you still are in dear ones.

Connect together deeply, and understand in correct contexts
Chase fields which can ameliorate the related poor situations.
Do step out to help dear ones who need but not asking shyly
Recognize & share a little with them at least what you have.

Pawan Kumar,
25th August’2019 Time 7:49 P.M. Evening
(From My Dairy 2nd March, 2017 Time 8:44 A.M.)

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