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Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Brighter Side

Brighter Side

Everybody imbues in daily problems, never is a static time
Many are perturbed being there, few able can see beyond.

Life is absolute engrossing in daily mundane-trivial affairs
One cannot be enlightened by remaining in such deluges.
You have seen actors-performers on screen-play theaters
They make you laugh, weep, gale, sorrowful, revealing etc.

They're also human beings going through all ups & downs
Also are  prone to all failures & daily mischiefs by others.
In media leaders are rebuked by all good & bad bite sorts
But not-wavered, hardy man goes on working, bearing all.

Surgeons  in operation theaters so attentively do  happily
They also face all sorts of issues around but still continue.
Don’t stall world’s activities by in-actions or mis-concepts
Show must go on at all scenes, own problems not to fail.

Forgetting self, great authors write so fine on all subjects
With all upheavals around, find a time away from tumults.
In Mahabharata, Krishna inspires Arjuna by Gita's gospel
Men enrage, war in sight, but sage comes soothing spirit.

All imbue strife in world, but one can’t stay in commotions
Life’s deliriums are at one side, in actual we have to work.
Many fine nuances too exit in present, try hard to venture
One develops with big picture, mistakes too teach precious.

The labourer works in field, fully engrossed in manual work
May be some problem in mind, but sowing is core purpose.
World is not kind on weepers, in good spirits with who work
Good cultures support morality, meaning common interest.

Why only one type of writing when many fields wait to heed
Come out of problems, mis-concepts, theories & misgivings.
May be you're correct, similarly others might be in that state
Aim  is not to win rightness contest, get some light for self.

Lying on  arrows-bed, Bhishma sermons in Bhishma-Parva
 In this Mahabharata’s fin text, Pitamaha gospels from heart.
By keeping away selfish, men feel responsible to humanity
His ways now extra-ordinary, sincere & attention is  loftiest.

In Sanyasa Ashram in past, men left homes to roam freely
Now world’s citizens, own family-guilds & states don’t bind.
They touch fine realms of thought & speak free for humanity
Inhibition is fine but child’s curiosity - harbinger to knowledge.

This indomitable intent to cherish absolute is inner space field
One often fails or stalls, but efforts in selves are praise-worthy.
Gaining high knowledge is hard, needs interplay with worthies
And taking to fields beyond immediate worries  to earn merit.

No relegation of problems,  find solution to a respected level
Also imbibe minimum energy to free you for noble-big causes.
Solve immediate amicably, they shouldn’t steal bread & butter
Save some mind’s morsels to feed high & life's ecstatic realm.

Think as a writer or sculptor or gardener or preacher or actor
Troubles will always be there, but some core is to be saved.
Elevation to one’s higher realms is the goal of life’s journey
Churn deep in fine thoughts, pen them to leave good legacy.

So enthuse to see brighter side, channelize energy for better
Fill each moment with a dear aim, inefficiency has no grace.
Be supported by nature’s justice, its rules govern all domains
Steadfast in resolutions & move on always for good causes.

Pawan Kumar,
10th September, 2019 Time 18:40 Evening
(From My Mahendergarh dairy 15th July, 2015 Time 9:48 A.M.)

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