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Saturday, 21 September 2019

Poverty Discourse

Poverty Discourse

Today is Sunday – Time about 7:30 PM. I am in front bedroom sitting on bed in blanket. This is winter season & it is very cold outside. Since last few days after falling snow in Himachal and J&K, Delhi has become quite cold. I was reading in morning newspaper that 44 persons have died out of cold. Truly the rigor of any weather – winter, summer or rains falls more on the poor people which is very gloomy & killing. They are not in a position to protect them full. Many people live on footpaths & in shanties simply because they are poor, and cannot afford dignified living because they earn very low wages or are unemployed, and are unable to afford the minimum facilities for protection from nature’s furious effects. Often when sick, they cannot afford the bare doctor’s fees. Sometimes medical facilities are far and cannot simply reach there. There are many hardships that poor face. Often, they sustain because of being used to but in extreme situations, one has to suffer only.

Poverty is a very old phenomenon and in historical past, most population was poor leave apart the only few rich and kings etc. In stories we read, sometimes the kings were good and cared their subjects by donation or re-distribution of wealth, goods etc. In India, the practice of donation or daan has benefited many – particularly the priestly classes. In villages, the jajmani system also yielded some respite to the kaamgaars but that too at the time of harvests. In adversity also, there must have been occasions when rich helped their workers. But more or less, this charity system was only a miniscule part than that one’s real needs. In modern democratic world, people’s expectations-standards have raised and now one doesn’t want to remain with bare minimum. Seeing the developments around, he also wants to be benefited from the system. Truly each has right to live with dignity or raise to gain maximum from the world according to his/ her capabilities. But the system should also be encouraging so that all get chances to explore their capacities & take out best out of it. The system of what & how is a big question and needs answer. It should be good governance so that it is right, judicious, egalitarian-harmonious, encouraging, pro-active, distributive & duty-bound. It should be protector of the people’s rights and inculcate values in people’s lives. It should be educative rather than a mere punishing.

If duty-sense is developed in people’s mind, redoubtably each will do justice with his duties making more livable world, which is people-made only as is on date. It shall be still better if people aspire good, and emphasize on complementary role rather than leg-pulling. All have some weaknesses but should supplement that shortfall & not just engage in mouth-fouling or speaking ills. Strong & moral character of people is only the true harbinger of peace, progress, strength of nation. Other aspects e.g. education having correct & good notions about fellow citizens & support can help a lot. On giving choice to the people and the belief that their good work shall be rewarded, they shall certainly behave rightly based on surrounding & self-experiences. If one does not find not much truth in such attempts, then may choose wrong path or deliberately doesn’t give his best for society’s sake. One reason for our backwardness is laziness or stillness of minds, and not being activity-oriented. Often, we even don’t know what should we do or whether done one is correct or not. In such situations, real progress can’t be achieved. We need to leave boredom and do something right. Correct-identification is difficult task but our pre-occupations, notions, education & social norms impact in shaping our personalities. So unknowingly only we remain half-developed, amoral, just-satisfied with inferior present, and suffer others’ treacheries/ contempt or ill-notions in every-day lives of poor-environment without much faults. We become suppressed/depressed – not having enough courage to bring dignity or honors to our lives.

Who shall lift these poor-soul people from their slumber, self-clad weaknesses, unworthiness, low self-esteem or other such notions? Question is big – but the answer is also simple. It is only we are to educate people that they are second to none and have every right to progress in their lives. They are not superiors or inferiors to others – just being equals with others. Whatever inequality we see, it is just outside-clad. Your soul is as strong as it should be. Living with worldly wisdom or cleverness is one thing but from inside we are the same. It is we only who can shape our beings & fellow beings. I want to see this confidence on every face but just not falsely amused in self but also finding in its way to improve his worthiness inch by inch every moment, every day. Good reading can make us some worthier in thinking & analyzing selves – whether we are correct or not. We should endeavor to identify selves, and should just not sit idle and weep on our past & presents and seeing no hope for future. I want to be hopeful but action-orientation shall be its base. If I am moving in correct direction, then approach is correct. I am strengthening & developing the self more sagaciously each day, and hence there is no reason that future will be bright only. This is my life’s philosophy.

World-poverty can be eradicated with the help of governments. Distributive approach of rich people having big hearts to respect their fellow beings, minimum human rights e.g. minimum wages/ facilities to workers & raising their life-standards, self-progress by people also to make the world more-livable. Confidence in average people is necessary that they are not here to suffer only and have right to progress in their lives. Society should support the needy & lead all towards progress. The topic of progress & eradicating poverty of facilities and minds is great and I am very much humble in exploring in that. Although I have tried but how much it is correct is yet to be judged. But my heartfelt intention is that very person has right to progress and the govt. / society should give opportunities to enable all to stand on own feet so that others’ support is least required. The false charity should go but right based distributive help should make lives of all more livable.

Pawan Kumar,
21st September, 2019 Time 7:34 P.M. (Evening)
(from my dairy 16th December, 2007)

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