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Saturday, 23 May 2020

Words We Speak

Words We Speak

Abrupt eruptions in lives, though prologues flow from past
Later positive may start surfacing, whole scene changes.

Can we write something which is not happening new to us
It is speech from pen’s mouth; characters become our part.
We see people of stereotypical image, & describe in words
Not knowing what exactly they're, we also make our guess.

We read in news, magazines, books etc. or in daily parlance
That person spoke such words, making it his personality part.
People connect fully to speech, & accordingly describe us
May forget good words over time, but sour always scares.

Daily happens in politics, leader spoke or tweeted such
Words are minced, criticized, & eulogized too if suiting.
People retract them, say sorry, and stick to what averred
Personality ropes around, and general view is affected.

A leader’s vociferous statement creates furor in locality
People discuss, and weigh contents as per inclinations.
Some judge neutrally also, searching objective  behind
Statement may affect many, damage control is difficult.

Words shape Nations, what people cite in discussions
Thoughts for self & others goad behavior accordingly.
Daily lives mire in words, though  later we   forget too
Positive or negative shapes us & affect brain’s waves.

We view others & react according to  prejudiced beliefs
Reinforce through other’s sayings, as he is spokesman.
Instantly support or reject, as if having deep connection
World appears as per few notions, we only take sides.

But what sources words’, at times quite serious in speech
Deep thinking & view, though factors may compromise bit.
Adjust only bit as per situation, deep notions remain intact
Surely transform, mature over time, & avoid overt reaction.

We reject or worship, may be sayings not directly relate
His few soothing words gale  heart, and eulogy elevates.
Though upheavals, we judge a man what spoken & acted
May not be intentional, but  remain  perpetually stitched.

Words are our part, evoking  wisely keeps us balanced
People rumor after them, &  extract varying meanings.
Only a bone in our necks,  cannot swallow or throw out
Retraction is difficult, regret  forlorn & scenario abrupt.

We need care in at least control words & speak prudently
Speech- a goddess; Indians worship ‘Vagdevi-Saraswati’.
With  careful  in words, appropriate only comes out often
So do avoid unnecessary, but experiments may not shun.

How we treat these ‘words’, a mere tool or one time shot
Practice different tones, sometimes sweet or very harsh.
We too act in  moods at times, yes  in stillness  are calm
But they are  our stages only, we  progress or get down.

Words  carry  meanings, though  gestures important too
Speech & writings are reflections & part of personalities.
We need to cool our minds for thinking before  speaking
Words create big warts in people & vanish many a lives.

Abuses, angry & hate speeches or quite patchiness pain
Motivational  words  elevate, and we progress internally.
People win life’s  games  by words spoken & acted upon
Lion of words but  of action also, makes a whole person.

Wise say a man must be one in thoughts, words & action
We can avoid bitter words, even if they are core to heart.
Also we overact  at times, or aver without much thinking
Some sweet  mouths &  cruel heart, overt & covert both.

Beyond thinking & words even,  Action  is the end-result
People look seemingly angry, but action doesn’t support.
Or one is cruel, doesn’t speak much & action equally bad
Thinking & action are cores, words  an intermediate state.

But one’s thinking is often hidden, and actions’  forgotten,
Words only survive; man reminisces the harsh or soothing.
May not be so much bad, but appropriateness so appears
So caution is necessary, I can note  words have damaged.

Be soft in talks with seniors expecting courteous approach
Respect & well-mannered with equals, not needing formality.
Kind & even demanding with juniors, but never make  down
All living beings expect a minimum respect, so you wish too.

Writing - similar to word, but need modifying attitude to others
Should shun prejudices & judge as  per their actual behavior.
Don’t expect much from unrelated & comment unnecessarily
It is give & take behavior, patience is better for  modification.

Better to subdue bad  experience, speak only at  requirement
But be careful others use in own way, merit here is important.
Pristine ‘Less speaking more listening’ makes a wise & sage
So speak none needing retraction, time gone not comes back.

Pawan Kumar,
24th May' 2020, Sunday, time 10:00 A.M.
(From Mahendergarh dairy 26th May, 2017, Friday 7:25 A.M.)

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