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Sunday, 7 June 2020

A Little Wisdom

A Little Wisdom


A man can imbue many varieties in his thoughts

Huge material is  present, need is just attention.


Some vividness is necessary to see holistic view

An aspect is just a possibility in many solutions.

Ideas created must be many, try to work on them

Adopt one good, but work before rejecting others.


How I involve mentally in all significant around

And try to learn  some more than untried so far?

Monochrome  inept, handy is  rainbow spectrum

Infinite grace present around, vision is only want.


Awaken soul & start conceptualizing bit deeper

Look afar surface, bravely rake all those layers.

None is impossible for the brave souls of nature

Those who strive always find, very well known.


I want to arouse my curious mind & open eyes

And learn some Little Wisdom imparting more.

This will make life more livable, paving smooth

Understanding all, and modifying required tools.


Me a bit strange creature, not strenuous desired

I go on tolerating, though  require pointing out.

Man must have some intellect what other wants

And avoid a  confrontation  in common interest.


I need to be more demanding, life is very small

Things need notice & corrections without delay.

Work on all learnt, though ever are contingencies

Life’s designs are such that sluggish are to leave.


I am to be self-master & able to attend even small

My each breath should contribute to effectiveness.

Pick up good superior works & see how they work

Mind’s patterns & fixing material, and work put up.


I have a small role in this vast world of possibilities

Or I am closeted in small sphere of my limitations?

Great people are not  so, they are able to fly across

They widen  spheres, try to  capture  most possible.

Self can broaden beyond limits of seemingly universe

Then everything is here & beyond, are my own parts.

Not bigger than my thinking, need proper grooming

By discipline & working on self, purge all unclean.


Start building block by block, & see a large building

But know building & masonry arts, & required stuffs.

Use available  knowledge & all  learnt over the years

Go to specialists for training, not simply complaints.


Learn good project working & many new will surface

And they will amuse enabling looking for some more.

Keep your eyes keen, don’t leave any stone unturned

Take out associate’s best, combined effort is greater.


Some people give many works of excellent quality

Though patterns  can be there & able to fly across.

Historian writes stories but at times gives unusual

Repetition surely occurs but novelty bears distinct.


This originality of things has created serene world

Mind works in many fields, unfolds layers at least.

For me this is new world, but many traveled before

Eyes must see colors too being hitherto unknown.


Question is not to lack knowledge & wise persons

But it is of course coming out of self’s ignorance.

I don’t know how to  contribute to the successors

But do want to live fully & embrace all available.


Great ancient ascetics  ably concentrated for long

Used to forget selves, they penetrated in thoughts.

All good things grow in mind; only need is to start

Constancy without disturbance, paves success way.


It is not only spiritual aspects, but also secular

Mind can work equally all-round, if let to roam.

None is unusual for it & has got vast memories

Sight experiences are  re-arranged for  present.


Though dull at times, but not a dis-qualification

One is to cure, soothe & feed it, and exercise it.

A little precious  organ, it  needs  all good cares

And can work potent for you as a faithful child.


What is constancy & stopping unwanted thoughts

With easy mind’s sounds, experience is calmness.

When it is stable, becomes one with present whole

Serene things produce with each breath one takes.


How one goes deep & embraces a certain thought

And see its all aspects, produce something unique.

With oneness, perhaps comes to that blissful state

Life becomes easy & efficient, avoids drudgeries.


It squeezes first from many, oneness bounds all

Though a specific thought, but looks all-round.

Nothing hides or over-looked, controls  present

Avoids leg pulling, stillness is in body posture.


Body’s calmness paves to mind’s concentration

Mother of all progress, and individual can make.

Deviance tendency  diminishes; focus on action

That mind tells what to do, goes further to reveal.


Illuminated mind is asset, one must carefully see

That gives all wanted, an infinite wealth stores in.

I can embrace that by practice, sitting in solitude

No one is there except me & my mind’s workings.


No tumults are there & just merge in deep self

Like Pupul Jaykar, try to go fields  enormous.

Or like Richards Dawkins, study nature’s laws

And analyzing power attained can do wonders.


How Vyasa likes say so well & vastly write

Or like Ambedkar give giant in limited time.

Many stalwarts came, composed pretty verses

Profited world by intellect, but was hard work.


They find time, may look busy in world affairs too

Engaged for time being, steadfast in big pursuits.

They pick up their dear aims, work till are finished

Not waver with little hurdles, as all are life’s parts.


With focus, they move from one topic to another

Having confidence, they do best whatever taken.

Their sayings become quotations, but stay humble

Their minds’ concentration imparts only supreme.

Each can be a sage if is cautious in  his doings

It is awakened mind & leaving lethargy at a bay.

Life’s lessons are many, each learnt one by one

A word a time makes full garland of great epics.


So it is picking up some topic & start action on

With pen-paper in hand, flow starts in  activity.

Working with time & zeal is the key to creativity

Hard work & steadfast, Steve Jobs likes invent big.


Don’t stop & move incessantly, take out best self

Check each & every step, clear all undesired stuff.

Pick topic & start writing, though study is needed

Weaving of available expertise can create marvels.


None is new, but mind’s new works are ever fresh

To a child each new is amazement, sees curiously.

All are kids in world’s  fields, can pick as  many

And can create new, though have patterns of yore.


For me, life is what I have lived & experienced

So gain utmost viable, churning is mind’s stuff.

Excellence is one thing, but merge with the self

Enhance limits, embrace texts so far untouched.


It is not burdening of mind but craving for unusual

Impart some lessons, a helping attitude to humanity.

People need support, do whatever possible by hand

Leave selfishness, a strong demand of mutual trust.


Not quite independent, take help of many sources

Similarly I am required by others attached nearly.

Not handicap or indolent, cardinal here is purpose

But genuine help timely can pave for self-standing.


So awake, stand & pick some good, think for  best

Take help of ready lessons, note down main points.

My life is a precious one and richness I am to add

And vividness thus comes by embracing new ones.


Though over period, one must be able to connect all

Seemingly may be different bit, but inside one only.

So help self to awaken the mind & try diverse fields

And uniqueness you will add to self, a life’s purpose.

Thanks, Tried a bit. Try again.

Success is by Trying again  & again.

Pawan Kumar,

7th June, 2020, Sunday 12:56 Noon

(From My Dairy 6th October, 2014, Monday, 7:04 A.M.)

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