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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Mind Extempore

Mind Extempore

What are the layers of human mind, and where he situates in context?
He behaves differently at moments, and knowledge disseminated has degrees.

What we speak in general, keeps only part of specialized knowledge
Depends on what purpose it has, the out pour is adjusted itself. 
But do we really know something, or speak what comes in mind at moments
How much sensible are we, in our learning and speaking minds?

We generally are extempore, and have to deal with situations various 
Many a times we are not prepared, but forced to respond any way. 
It is like you're left in jungle, and suddenly lion is ready to pounce
What your reaction would be, nobody can tell precisely.

Similarly in some gathering, all of sudden demand comes to say few words
We are quite unaware & unprepared, to manage such eventualities.
Also as given a topic from nowhere, and write a small essay on it 
From where we will collect words & context, and fill some sentences with ?

Human mind is an amazing instrument, but helpless many a times
That is why we crave to live in cosy situations, and don't want pressure on us.
We have made a certain pattern, and behave in that particular way,
and don't work to move much ahead, hence remain mediocre in many fields.

How much is one prepared, for many types of problems & contexts?
Life is vast & needs enough grooming, so as to remain some purposeful.
Numerous fields & disciplines, very difficult to master in normal one life
 Each one requires energy, time and dedication, to learn each nuance.

How much can mind sneak into some fields, beyond its normal ones?
It depends on inclination, interests and willingness to sacrifice a little self.
When we learn something new, that requires shedding own ignorance, 
and the myths, constructions, self-concepts and tendency to look down others. 

New concepts find place in mind's convolutions, and appear as & when required
But deep lines will be drawn by repeated interactions, with those in fields.
 Each new experience is like to move, in unknown path in darkness
Where will you strike is not known, but only determination makes you go.

Are we superficial or serious, and also generalists or specialists
That will depend on our background and also tendency to behave.
Life is a humour definitely, but needs to be taken seriously
Each word has some meaning, so don't waste any such precious.

It is usual to be contextual, depending upon person we speak, 
Besides level of our knowledge, and other person's understanding of that.
It is not required always to remain with hard facts, and talk as super-knowledgeable
But depends upon requirement of situations, we are to remain relevant.

Similarly what I write in present moments does not carry any unusual
It simply deals to arrange some words to complete this topic.
I am not searching numerous books & articles, in mind's such dilemma, 
But just struggling to explore self, what can be the best answer.

Extempore is certainly a good thing, as it goads to manage with self
Yes, its success comes when one sneaks, into fields in other moments.
General reading / learning will open fields to deal efficiently
Similarly writing will become relevant & acceptable, if seen work behind that.

Pawan Kumar, 
3rd January' 2015 Time 16:01 
(From My Dairy 16th December' 2014 Time 9:24 AM)

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