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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Mother Nature’s Baby

Mother Nature’s Baby

A little baby is born from Mother Nature’s womb
It situated there for a big period, and has now come out.

Mother Nature is a pervading Omni & baby will remain in bosom  
But little freedom it has bestowed, to move out and work of own.
Life’s lessons are be learnt by hit & trial, and self-experimentation
It has provided preliminary training, now real work is self’s destiny.

Till remained in her womb, and enjoyed its warmth & nurture
Complacent in a little world, thinking you’re its owner.
You rolled in it, convulsed, showed gestures of different moods
By little hands & legs tied to play, sometimes angry in microcosm.

But it was gestation period, now she is to follow some rules
From conception to maturing in a baby, it kept you with great care.
She has protected from all mal-forces, and fed you with her blood
Took responsibility happily, bore all pains without complaining.

She was ebullient on conceiving, and proud in keeping you in her
Now she has borne by bearing labour, but amused on seeing you.
She has great expectations; my issue will walk of his own
And will do some wonder here & bring glory to parents.

For some more time she'll take care, but will have to leave alone
She has compulsions, and has to care other offspring.
Each parent wants to strengthen child, by freeing to decide of own
Parents can't remain with always, one has to learn required fields.

Though there'll be parents’ ambiance near, if you want any help
But caution required in journey you take, don't waver from path.
What aims do you carry with, is the test of personality
What pursuits do you follow in life, and strive to attain the bar?

Life is vast if seen in large canvas, one has to fill with vivid colors
Caricaturing in the best artful manner, attentive in respecting duties.
Many dimensions you can provide, by hard work & calm repose
Cautious in learning fine nuances, evoking productivity in actions.  

Many facets of life, old giants were quite aware with 
Values they ordained in business, and magnanimity of hearts.
How can one ingress in unknown fields - harbingers to knowledge
Some light they can shed, but present necessity is their search.

A teacher has great role in life, Mother Nature imbues in her
It also needs good pupils, learning well & taking its some roles.
Participants who can explain fine aspects, to good learners in life
Steadfastness to ease out its burden, will serve Mother Earth only.

Explanations of Mother goddess are contemplation of humans
Thoughts are great assets, let them out pour from minds.
Being wise & learned of some degree, can be a good pursuit
And understanding this life attains, much complexity one handles.

You are still a toddler and enjoy bosom of Mother
But slowly will have to stand, and be responsible for self.
Open eyes, observe correctly, with great aims as giants in past
Make Marcus Aurelius like personality, be a legacy for all.

Pawan Kumar,
11th January, 2015 Time 20:22
(From My Dairy dated 9th January, 2015 Time 9:32 AM)

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