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Saturday, 31 January 2015

O My Spirit

O My Spirit

O Indomitable Spirit, come to my life also,
You have shown ways to many, why not to me?

I also require your strength & guidance,
I amn't just a sleeping man but aspire elation Important.
Life should not be mediocre but of excellent stuff,
And it is you only who can groom this mortal stuff also.

I have to walk many difficult ways & see unseen fields,
Challenges are huge and you are the only refuge.
Each & every step has to pave for the long journey,
And the curiosity of mind will be helpful only.

O My Spirit, you please awaken & live in this embodiment,
You also need some recognition / respect at least for some time.
I do want you become stronger & serene over the time,
And the vision you to enable all inward & outside.

O My spirit, you be disciplined in speech & deeds,
Work hard & clarify concepts so that nothing is overlooked.
I have great hopes & you are only the pillar strong,
So enable me along with you so that all is good.

Please come to embrace me & goad to trudge good,
Open my mind’s doors without hesitation as I will do.
What can be various fields which I should acquaint,
And the dreams of days for converting into realities?

Pawan Kumar,
31st January’2015 Time 23: 54 Mid-Night
( From My Dairy 1st October’2014, Time 9:40 AM )

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